Wavelink Escape Sequence to Disable Scanner

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Can Custom Escape Sequences to Disable the Scanner of the MC9090 Running Wavelink VT Emulation Be Sent from the VT Host?


Custom escape sequences can be sent from a host that will either enable/disable the scanner when using VT emulation.


The custom escape sequence that needs to be sent from the VT host is as follows:
                   ESC % Pb ; Ps A

Sets the scanner to be enabled/disabled after successful scans, where Pb is the bar code type scanned and Ps is the scanner setting to be set:
  • Pb=0  After no scans (Ps ignored); disables mode
  • Pb=1  After all scans
  • Pb=2  After 1-D bar code scans
  • Pb=3  After 2-D bar code scans
  • Pb=4  Return current setting (Ps ignored).  Returns:
    • ESC % ? <type> ; <setting> A
  • Ps=0  Set mode off
  • Ps=1  Set mode on

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