Wavelink Menu Toggle Key

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How Do I Create a Wavelink Menu Toggle Key


The Menu Toggle Key is used to show/hide the Options menu inside the Wavelink Telnet CE client.


  1. Download the Emulators Telnet Client (Product Configuration Manager) for the mobile computer by going to Wavelink page Read More>>
  2. Install and launch the Product Configuration Manager on the PC.
  3. Select Emulation Parameters.
  4. Click on View and remove the check mark from Tree Mode.
  5. Search for, and double click on Menu Toggle Key.
  6. Enter <S><0x79> and then click OK.
    • <S> indicates the shift key.
    • <0x79> is the hexadecimal value for F10.
    • To find the hex value for other keys, please see “Wavelink How to Determine the Hex Value for a Key” article no. 5328 Read More>>
  7. Click the Save icon and then close the window.
  8. Click Config Only to update the terminal.

This article provides an example to demonstrate how to create a Menu Toggle Key. The toggle key in this example is Shift-F10

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