Wavelink Telnet Session Persistence Issues with the WT41N0

Article ID: 20518100


How to keep the Wavelink Telnet session persistent when changing the battery in WT41N0? How to maintain a Wavelink TE Session on the WT41N0?


Upon resume from suspend, or critical suspend, the WT41N0 looses the ability to continue the last open session. Wavelink session log shows "WinSock error" as the cause of the session closure. The WT41N0 CE7 OS behaves differently then the previous WT4090 CE5 OS with respect to suspend. In CE7 the suspend process closes all open sockets, which upon resume causes an open session to fail with a WINSOCK Error. There is no way to recover the closed socket.


In order to not have any issues with session loss the Wavelink Connect Pro (Term Proxy) software must be used.

The Wavelink ConnectPro (Term Proxy) software ( Download>>) is a free software available from the Wavelink website.

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