Weblink log reporting "SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid"

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The Weblink Log returns Error - SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid. 

Applies To

Link OS Compatible Printers using Weblink

Note: The iMZ Series Printer does not have a battery backed Real Time Clock feature and will revert back to the original time set when powered off or the battery is removed. 
Also, the Real Time Clock is an option on the ZT200 Series Printers

Cause or Overview

The printer Real Time Clock has not been set to the correct time and date.

The Real Time Clock on the printer can be viewed by sending the command

Example: ! U1 getvar "rtc.date".   

The real time clocks date will be returned to the host.


If you observed the Real Time Clock is causing the certificate problem described, correct the clock time by sending the following SetGetDo command line

 Example: ! U1 setvar "rtc.date" "10-23-2013" 


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