What do the terms Supported and Basic Rates Mean?

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What does Supported Rates Mean? What does Basic Rates Mean?


The distance a mobile unit can be from an access point is affected by the data rate it has to transmit at; the lower the required speed, the greater the distance. If the dual radio is used (802.11a and 802.11b/g) and any 802.11b mobile units are present, do not select a faster Basic Rate than 11 Mbps. Legacy 802.11b mobile units are not capable of transmitting faster than 11Mbps


The Basic Rate selection allows the user to set the minimum data transfer rate that is acceptable to them.
  • The Basic Rate minimum rate controls what choices can be used.
  • Nothing below the Basic Rate setting will be available as an optional speed.
Basic Rate and Supported Rate fall between 1 Mbps and 54 Mbps based on the radio selected
  • Choose the lowest Basic Rate that your mobile units can acceptably perform at.
The Supported Rates selection defines what data rates the radio defaults to if a higher data rate is not possible.