What is the best ribbon to use for dual sided printing on Zebra Card Printer?

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Best Ribbon to use for your printing environment

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Choosing the correct ribbon for dual-sided printing.

  • When printing color on both sides, the YMCKO ribbon is preferred. One set of panels will be used for each side of the card.
  • When color is required for the front and strictly black is needed for the back of the card, YMCKOK ribbon is recommended. In this case, the Y, M, C, K and O panels are used on the front and the second K panel is used on the back, i.e. only one set of panels is used to complete both sides of the card.
  • Remember that with the "i" series printers, it is vital that the ribbon selected in the driver matches the ribbon type that is installed in the printer.
  • For printers that have laminators, the choice will be made between YMCK and YMCKK. The "O" panel is not needed as the laminate takes its place.

If you have questions regarding the best selection to make or part number for media contact Zebra client care at 877-275-9327 option 3 or speak with your Zebra reseller.

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