What to do for a lost ZebraDesigner License, Registration Number, or Security Key

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What to do if you lose your ZebraDesigner License Key

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ZebraDesigner Pro v2, ZebraDesigner for XML v2, ZebraDesigner for MySAP v2

Resolution / Answer

 If your ZebraDesigner key has been misplaced.

What you'll need to do:

ZebraDesigner Version 1 - Version 1 is supported but no longer available.  The solution is to upgrade to Version 2.   This is not a free upgrade.   Any label files created with Version 1 should work with Version 2.
ZebraDesigner Version 2 - The 18 digit license number serves as proof of purchase (for example 733000-123456-123456). There are two methods for purchasing a key for ZebraDesigner Version 2 software.
  • A key purchased online -  If this was the method you used you would have received an email with a license number.  This email and key should be backed up and kept in multiple locations.  When you contact Zebra Support you will need to forward a copy of the email with the license number. 
  • Purchase software from a reseller. - If that was the method you used, the software should have been shipped to you in a clam shell case (like a DVD movie case), the License Number is inside the front cover.  The license key represents what you have purchased and needs to be safely stored and protected. 

Please visit the Zebra Support Community link below:-
Then click the blue “SUBMIT A CASE” box to submit an online case for further assistance providing the details of you situation:-

Additional Information

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