What Zebra Card Printers can encode UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards

What Zebra Card Printers can encode UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards

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The P330i, P430i, and ZXP 7 Card Printers can encode UHF Gen 2 RFID Cards.

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Applies To

UHF Gen2 RFID Encoding

P330i and P430 Performance Class Card Printers

ZXP 7 Printers


Zebra Card Part Numbers

800059-402 UHF/RFID/Impinj® Monza 4QT- PVC card

800059-406 UHF/RFID/Impinj® Monza 4QT- PVC card with Magnetic Stripe

Maximize safety, security and convenience for customers, guests and employees—and heighten efficiency in your people identification and management applications—with Zebra’s next-generation ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) card. It’s the world’s first passive RFID card to provide a read range of up to 50 feet.

New Possibilities because it can be read from afar even through badge holders, handbags, pockets and backpacks, you can use the RFID card to streamline and ease congestion in your identification, access control and transaction processes. Plus, keep track of people to increase personal safety and facility security, capture guest/visitor data, and enhance the customer experience by enabling guests to instantly share information with their social media contacts.

Improved Technology Containing Zebra’s patent-pending antenna design and Impinj’s state-of-the-art Monza® 4QT chip, Zebra’s passive RFID card provides advanced sensitivity for enhanced read rates and range. It offers full read/write capabilities, and you can use it worldwide with any EPC UHF operational band (860-960 MHz). Unique and sophisticated security features include:

 • 48-bit unique ID feature that protects against card cloning and provides a card authentication method to uniquely identify every card.

• Memory configuration to protect privacy and hide sensitive information, while maintaining a high level of readability.

• Read range reduction feature, protecting users from unauthorized tracking by temporarily reducing the read range of the card to less than one foot

Card Features

• ISO/IEC-7810-2002 compliant

• Zebra’s patent-pending inlay antenna design

• Passive operation (no battery required)

• Ultrahigh-frequency technology

• Multi-application card available with and without magnetic stripe


Physical Card Construction

• Body: 60% white PVC & 40% clear PET

• Overlay: 100% clear-PVC • Nominal Height: 2.125"/53.98 mm

• Nominal Width: 3.370"/85.60 mm

• Nominal Thickness: 30 mil ± 3 mil

• Over-laminates: Receptor for dye-diffusion thermal transfer printing

RFID Specifications

• Protocol: EPCglobal® Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C

• Chip: Impinj Monza 4QT

• Worldwide operation in the UHF RFID frequency bands (860-960MHz)

• Typical read range of up to 50 feet**

• 128 bits of EPC memory

• 512 bits of USER memory • 96 bits of read-only TID memory


**Read range may vary depending on environment and application.

+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 7 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 7 Pro High Performance Card Printers
  • ZXP Series 7 with Laminator