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The Remove License option is NOT associated with the process of moving a license from one PC to another. If your License Manager still has the “Remove License” option it is highly recommended that you upgrade from v2.2.2 to a 2.2.3 version (or above). If you are running a purchased version of ZebraDesigner software you can download a free upgrade from www.zebra.com. In version 2.2.3 the Remove License was moved under the Help menu and renamed to Destroy License.

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Licensed ZebraDesigner Applications


The updated version is also available to ZebraDesigner users.

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As stated in the Warning message, "Do not use this function to try to move to a new PC as it will destroy the license key."

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The sole purpose of this option is to render a License key completely unusable. It should only be run if you are choosing to return a purchased ZebraDesigner software version. If this is the case, only Product Management will instruct you on when to use the feature.  Do not run Remove License until instructed to do so as part of the process for returning software. This is not a function that any member of Zebra Technical support will instruct a customer to run.

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To return a purchased version of ZebraDesigner software for refund contact the reseller whom the software was purchased from. If the software was purchased from www.zebra.com, respond directly to the email message you received with the License Key. Only then is it possible that someone could instruct you to run Remove License and provide the “Proof of removal code.”

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