Windows 10 Bluetooth pairing issue when using the ZebraDesigner Driver

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Why does my Windows 10 Bluetooth connection fail?

Problem creating a Bluetooth connection to the Zebra Printer using Windows 10 and the ZebraDesigner Driver

Problem with Windows 10 and using the ZebraDesigner Driver

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Windows 10

ZebraDesigner Driver used with Zebra Bluetooth Compatible Printers

Microsoft Tablets running Windows 10


Microsoft has resolved their issues preventing the ZebraDesigner driver and drivers from other developers from making a Bluetooth connection using Windows 10 PCs. However, we have seen reports from customers that the issue is not resolved with Windows 10 Tablets.

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If following the full instructions for Windows 10 Bluetooth Setup with Zebra Printers and updating Windows 10 on your Tablet with the instructions in this Solution do not help the only suggestion we have at this time is to try a Windows 10 compatible Zebra Driver from 
There was a known issue with Windows 10 and Bluetooth.  Windows 10 could not correctly create virtual com ports for devices that use the Bluetooth SPP protocol. 
The problem had been that a Zebra bluetooth enabled printer could pair successfully but the outgoing COM port created by Windows 10 was not available to select from within the ZebraDesigner driver.  Any attempt to manually create the COM port resulted in an error at print time.
The issue was not isolated to the ZebraDesigner driver. 
If you are seeing the issue above and cannot complete a bluetooth connection with Windows 10 these were the steps that resolved the issue.
What we did to resolve the problem on our Windows 10 system 
We “deleted the contents of the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistriution\Download folder.”  
We checked but could not find a way to also “erase the Windows Update history files.”  
After deleting the contents of the Download folder we re-ran updates and many were installed.  
We checked again for KB3093266 but it still did not show.  However, the COM port for an existing Zebra iMZ instance had become available and we successfully printed a test page.  
Next we tried connecting a QLn320 via USB.  We successfully paired the printer and created COM 63 (Outgoing) but as before a port that high was not listed.  
The key to success was to manually install a new instance of the QLn320 driver using the Zebra Setup Utility and temporarily select a parallel port (LPT3).  Then when we checked the list of available ports we were able to select the COM 63 (Outgoing) port and successfully print a test page.
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