WPA Cisco Access point timeout

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 WPA - Cisco Access point timeout issue

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 WPA - Cisco Access point timeout issue with the Symptom: WPA connection unsuccessful.


Customers have indicated that a wireless trace shows the Cisco AP is only waiting 100ms for a reply from the printer. The printer is not replying fast enough and the access point is disassociating the printer. Since the wireless printer is running a fairly slow processor, it does not reply within this unrealistic timeframe and the AP disassociates it. Previous versions of Cisco firmware waited a longer period of time for the reply from the wireless printer. There have been customers that have consulted with Cisco and Cisco has offered the following workaround.

This workaround was first introduced with firmware version 12.3(7)JA of the AP IOS firmware. Starting with this version of access point firmware they have included a hidden configuration command that modifies the WPA handshaking timeout value.

We have been informed that a hidden configure level command, dot11 wpa handshake timeout, can be used to increase the timeout from the default value (100 ms) . The command stores its value in the configuration across device reloads.

The example below illustrates the procedure to edit the access point using the CLI:

- Telnet to Cisco AP

- At the "CiscoAP#" prompt type  <enable> without the brackets

- At the "CiscoAP#" prompt type <config>

- At the "Configuring from terminal, memory, or network" type <terminal> or hit return

- At the "CiscoAP#(config)#" prompt type <dot11 wpa handshake timeout 1000>

- Type <Ctrl-Z>

- Close the Telnet window

This example changes the wpa handshake timeout parameter to 1000 ms.

If the customer is seeing a timeout issue when using WPA, the suggestion is that they consult with Cisco to see if the recommendation they have offered other customers is appropriate for their environment.

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