Wrinkles Occur When Using a Custom Card with ZXP 9 Series Card Printer

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Wrinkles can appear on the card from either the print station or the transfer station of the printer. 

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Zebra ZXP Series 9 Card Printers


Wrinkles which are caused by the print station typically appear as multi-colored lines from the edges of the card diagonally to the center of the card and are sometimes describe as “lightning bolts”. These wrinkles can be eliminated by reducing the heat applied by the printhead to the ribbon by reducing the “Image Control” settings, in “Printing Preferences” of the Windows driver, for the various panels.


Wrinkles which are caused by the transfer station appear as indiscriminate lines on the card. These lines are caused by extra heat being applied to the transfer rollers. Each type of card requires different transfer heat and speed settings for proper transfer of image to the card from the film.  To resolve wrinkles caused by the transfer station first insure that the correct card type is selected in “Printing Preferences” if the correct card type is selected then use the “Custom 1” or “Custom 2” card type selection to adjust the transfer heat and speed settings.


Printing Preferences

To access the Printing Preferences, select Start > Devices and Printers. Right click on the Zebra ZXP Series 9 Card Printer listing; and select Printing Preferences.


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 The OK button saves your settings. 

The Cancel button abandons changes made. 

The Apply button applies your settings. 

The Help button will enable you to view a corresponding page of help information. 


Color (YMC) Optimization

 The Color (YMC) Optimization tab lets you make color adjustments to compensate for camera or lighting conditions. 

Keep in mind that these color adjustments modify how the pictures print. The adjustments do not affect the image files. (That type of adjustment would be made in an image processing application program.) 

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Full color printing adjustments (-25 to +25 range) include Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation, Red, Green, and Blue. 

Sharpening filter options are None, Normal, and High. Note that these adjustments have no effect on the preview image. 

The OK button saves your settings. 

The Cancel button returns you to the Setup Tab. Changes made are abandoned. 


Custom Card Settings 

Step 1: Select the Card Type 

From the Card type in use dropdown menu, select Custom 1 or Custom 2; and click OK. Note that Custom 1 or Custom 2 have adjustable transfer temperature and transfer speed tables; the other card types do not. 

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Step 2: Make adjustments 

Note • Before making any adjustments, print and examine a test card (Step 3:). The quality of the test card will determine whether or not to continue the process. 

After selecting Custom 1 or Custom 2, the Card Specifications window will appear. Make the recommended transfer temperature and/or transfer speed adjustment and click OK. 

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The Card Specifications window will close. 

Step 3: Print and examine Test Card 

From the Card Setup tab, print (click on the Test Print button circled below) and examine a test card. 

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The quality of the test card will determine whether or not to continue the process.


If this fails to resolve your issue please select “Submit a Case Online” located under “Additional Assistance” (right column of this page) and provide details related to your problem for technical support assistance.

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  • ZXP Series 9 Card Printer