Xi Series/105SL Plus Printer does not communicate via the Parallel Port

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How do I test parallel port communications?

What cable should I use for a parallel port?

Applies To

XiIII Plus, 105SL Plus, and Xi4 Series Printers


Host with a Parallel Port
IEEE 1284 compatible cable 


The Xi printers come standard with a Parallel Port Interface. If an internal Ethernet card is installed the port will not be available and will be covered by a protective plate. Removal of the Ethernet option would be required if use of the parallel port is desired.


Parallel port connectivity - Check the following list of solutions

  • To ensure the printer is properly communicating to the host equipment it requires the correct IEEE 1284 compatible cable and not exceed 10 feet in length.
  • XiIII Plus only - LCD display menu item PARALLEL COMM should be set to parallel. Read More>>
  • Xi4/105SL Plus only - PARALLEL COMM. should be set to BIDIRECTIONAL or UNIDIRECTIONAL 



If you are in a PC environment you can test the port using the Zebra Setup Utility. Read More>>

If the data light is flashing but the printer is not responding, a communication diagnostic can be performed to troubleshoot interconnections between host and printer.

  • If data light is flashing and the printer fails to respond, place the printer into hex dump mode. This allows the printer to print data received from a host device. To enable the hex dump mode access the printer LCD Display, locating the COMMUNICATIONS menu item. Change the setting from NORMAL to DIAGNOSTIC mode.Read More>>  
  • If it appears you are receiving the correct data and the printer is still not printing labels print a configuration label. Read More>>  You will want to verify the printer Format Prefix and Command Prefix match the characters used in your label format. Also make sure that the LCD Display PROTOCOL is set to NONE. 
  • If you experience issues where a print jobs fail to complete and after cycling power the job starts from the beginning try increasing the Window LPT port timeout. This is under Properties for the LPT port. Default is typically 90 and the suggested increase is to set it to 190.




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