Xi3 Plus and Pax4 - Out of memory error message when loading files on a PCMCIA or Compact Flash card

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Out of Memory Error messages in the LCD Display

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Zebra Xi, XiIIIPlus, and PAX4 Series Printers


The printer may generate an Out of Memory error in the LCD Display if a format is sent to the printers PCMCIA (B: memory) and the PCMCIA card is not installed.

Installing the PCMCIA card details  Read More>>

  • An Out of Memory error can also occur if the memory space is exceeded. Through the LCD Display a LIST FORMATS can be printed to determine how much memory is available in B: memory (PCMCIA).
  • The PCMCIA card may also need to be initialized so that it is formatted to receive formats for storing.

Initializing the PCMCIA memory card details  Read More>>

  • The write protect switch needs to be set for write if trying to store formats to the card otherwise an Out of Memory error can occur.

Write/Protect switch details  Read More>>

ZPL code does not specify correct PCMCIA or Compact Flash memory location.

Ensure the ZPL coding specifies the correct memory location for each card:

The PCMCIA card will use the B memory, and the compact flash will use the A memory.



The ~DGB: specifies that this graphic file will be stored in the PCMCIA's B memory.

For more information on the ~DG command please see the ZPL programming guide.

To print a label listing all objects in each memory location, enter the following:


This will print a file directory for the PCMCIA memory location.


This will print a file directory for the Compact Flash location.


+ Product Codes

  • 110PAX Print Engines (disc.)
  • 170PAX4