Video: Printer Calibration and Label Registration Issues on Xi4 Series

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Xi4 Series Printer Calibration

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Xi4 Series Printers


• Understanding printer calibration
• Adjusting the Media Sensors
• Correcting Paper Out Errors
• Correcting image drift problems 
• Labels stopping at random locations
• Labels skipping or occasional blank label
• Labels are not lining up or are not aligned
• Correcting Calibration Problems
Calibration Methods Read More>>

First try the Auto Calibration. 

Note: Make sure you have the correct sensor selected for your media. Mark for Black Mark and Web for Gap/Hole/Notch Read More>>


1. With the printer media and ribbon (if used) loaded put the printer into Pause. 

2. With the printer in Pause Mode, press the Calibrate button and allow it to complete feeding labels. 

3. Press the Pause button and then press the Feed button. One label should feed each time the Feed button is pressed. 

If Auto Calibration fails, try the following Manual Calibration steps.


Manual Calibration  - Use this procedure to adjust sensitivity of media and ribbon sensors. 

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The printer by default is setup to calibrate to the labels on power up or after closing the print head and unpausing the printer. If the labels are not calibrating properly after power up or after head close a full media and ribbon calibration maybe necessary to calibrate the printer to the labels.

Note: Make sure you have the correct sensor selected for your media. Mark for Black Mark and Web for Gap/Hole/Notch Read More>>


From the Front Panel LCD of the printer press Setup/Exit and scroll until you see:

Media and Ribbon 

             Calibrate +

Important • Follow this procedure exactly as presented. All of the steps must be performed even if only one of the sensors requires adjustment. You may press MINUS (-) at any step in this procedure to cancel the process.

1. Press PLUS (+) to start the calibration procedure.

The LOAD BACKING prompt displays.

2. Open the printhead.

3. Remove approximately 8 in. (203 mm) of labels from the backing, and pull the media into the printer so that only the backing is between the media sensors.

Note: If you are using Black Mark Media load media assuring the Black Mark is not over the Reflective Sensor. See the Reflective Sensor Read More>>

4. Leave the printhead open.

5. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The REMOVE RIBBON prompt displays.

6. Remove the ribbon (if used).

7. Close the printhead.

8. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The message CALIBRATING PLEASE WAIT displays. The printer adjusts the scale (gain) of the signals that it receives from the media and ribbon sensors based on the specific media and ribbon combination being used. On the sensor profile, this essentially corresponds to moving the peak of the graph up or down to optimize the readings for your application.

When calibration is complete, RELOAD ALL displays.

9. Open the printhead and pull the media forward until a label is

positioned under the media sensor.

10. Reload the ribbon (if used).

11. Close the printhead.

12. Press PLUS (+) to continue.

The printer performs an auto-calibration. During this process, the printer checks the readings for the media and ribbon based on the new scale established, determines the label length, and determines the print mode. To see the new readings on the new scale, print a sensor profile.







 Additional Information

Printing a media sensor profile Read More>>

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