Xi Series -- Replacing the External Fuse

Xi Series -- Replacing the External Fuse

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Power Entry Module Fuse Replacement Information

Applies To

140Xi4, 170Xi4, and 220Xi4, 140XiIII Plus, 170XiIII Plus, 220XiIII Plus printers only

Fuses are not user-replaceable in the 110Xi4, R110XiIII Plus, 110XiIII Plus


The instructions that follow are for the 140, 170, and 220 printers only. The printer uses a metric-style fuse (5 × 20 mm IEC) rated at F5A, 250 V. The AC power entry module comes with two approved fuses in the fuse holder: one is in-circuit, and the second is provided as a spare. The end caps of the fuse must bear the certification mark of a known international safety organization 

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+ Product Codes

  • 110Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 140Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 170Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 220Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • Xi Series Industrial Printers