XiIII Plus Series -- Paper Out Error

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Menu displays Error Condition - Paper Out

Applies To

Zebra XiIIIPlus High Performance Printers

Cause or Overview

Symptoms addressed by this solution include

  • LCD Display reads Error Condition - Paper Out
  • Blinking Error LED
  • Paper Out LED is solid
  • Pause light on


Any on of the following discussions can impact the printer's ability to detect labels and result in a PAPER OUT error.


Make sure the labels are loaded correctly.

  • Make certain the labels are loaded correctly to assure the labels are passing through the label sensors properly, otherwise the printer will not recognize that the labels are present and generate a Paper Out Error Condition.


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Make sure the printer is properly calibrated for your labels being used.

  • By default the printer automatically calibrates the sensors to the labels currently installed. Some label types may not calibrate properly through the auto- calibration and generate a false Paper Out Error. A Media and Ribbon Calibration procedure may need to be performed.
  • To calibrate the printer advance through the LCD Display to Media and Ribbon Calibrate and go through the steps in the Media and Ribbon Calibration process.


Media and Ribbon Calibration details  Read More>>

If MAXIMUM LABEL LENGTH Setting in the LCD Display is set too short it can cause a false Paper Out error to occur.

  • Advance through the LCD Display menu until you reach MAXIMUM LENGTH and verify the length is set to a value that is at least 2" longer then the actual physical label length. For example if the label is 6 inches long, set the MAXIMUM LENGTH setting to 8 inches or greater. This will insure that the printer will see at least one gap during the calibration process.


The label sensors need to be positioned correctly in order to detect the presence of labels. Otherwise a false Paper Out error can occur.

  • The label sensors need to be positioned correctly to detect the presence of labels. If gapped or notched labels are used position the web sensors to track on the gap or notch. Through the Lcd Display set the Sensor Type for Web sensing. This setting is used for gapped, notched, and labels without black marks.


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  • If black mark labels are being used make sure the mark passes over the black mark sensor. Through the LCD Display set the Sensor Type for Mark if black marked labels are being used.  


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