ZD500 and ZD500R Media Calibration Procedure (and RFID Calibration)

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The following steps will help to ensure your printer is properly calibrated to the media being used in the printer as well as the RFID is calibrated to the inlay being used.  This can help correct misfeeding of the media as well as voiding of RFID tags.

Applies To

These steps apply only to the ZD500 and ZD500R model RFID desktop printer.

Cause or Overview

  • Helps resolve paper out, ribbon out, or other media related errors.
  • Helps to resolve misfeeding of the media (not feeding to separator marks between media such as a gap or black mark)
  • Helps to resolve voiding of RFID tags or improper encoding of the tags.


Printer Calibration (Applies to all models)

  1. Default the printer.   Read More>>
  2. Run Manual calibration on unit.  Read More>>  See Video>>


RFID Printer Calibraiton (ZD500R only)

  1. Ensure media meets RFID inlay placement guidelines.  Read More>>
  2. Run RFID Calibration on unit.  Read More>>
  3. Send known good test format to test encoding, see example:



If the tag proper feeds and encodes, the printer is set up properly.  Make sure to check that all driver and software settings match what is required for the printer as software and drivers can override the printer settings causing intermittent issues.  

Helpful information

ZD500R Users Guide Read More>>

ZPL Programmers Manual Read More>>

Sending File Using Zebra Setup Utilities Read More>>

Sending File Using ZDesigner Driver  Read More>>


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