Zebra Card Printer Cards Stalling at Transport Rollers under Ribbon Supply

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Card reaches the transport rollers just under the supply roll of ribbon and stalls.

Applies To

All card printer models except P100, P200 and ZXP series printers

Cause or Overview

The stalling of cards can be caused by numerous issues.  Dirty cards caused by the cleaning cartidge being old or not installed or dirty/defective transport rollers are the most common causes of the problem.


Look for the blue cleaning cartridge assembly.

  • Make sure the blue cleaning cartridge is installed in the printer. If it is installed in the printer, make sure it is installed according to your printers Users Manual.  The following link shows detail on the cleaning cartridge.  Read More>>

Check the upper transport roller.

  • The upper transport roller should be connected to the same shaft that the spring is coiled around. The middle portion of the spring that is not coiled should be resting on top of the upper transport roller to add downward pressure to the roller. Each end of the spring should be resting on a platform above the card path. If any part of the spring is resting in the card path, it will cause a card to jam. See image below:

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Swab the transport rollers.

  • The lower transport roller that sits beneath the supply roll of ribbon might not have enough friction to move the card through the card path. To confirm that the issue is not due to a lack of friction, swab the rollers as per the cleaning document that pertains to your printer model. Swabbing the rollers is the best way to clean them, and improve friction to allow the bottom rollers to pull the cards through the transport path.

Helpful information

Complete Cleaning of P330i and P430i  Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer