Zebra Card Printer USB Printer Driver Does Not Show in Printers Window

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The driver for your printer has been downloaded and installed on you PC, but the printer does not show in your Printers Window (Devices and Printer, Printers and Faxes, etc.).

Applies To

All USB Zebra Card Printers

Cause or Overview

Although the driver is loaded on the Windows system, Windows Plug and Play still needs to recognize the device and install it as well as assign the device a USB port (USB001, USB002, etc.) to allow for communication.


Always install the driver before plugging the printer into the PC to ensure the proper driver files are located when Windows attempts to install the plug and play device.  Zebra Card Printer drivers will specify when to plug in and power on the printer.  If the device is not detected you will have update the driver manually through your device's properties or Device Manager.

You can download current drivers for your printer by clicking on the Printer Support dropdown and selecting your printer model in the following link.  Read More>>

Helpful information

Contact Zebra Technical Support  Read More>>