Zebra Card Printers Using Proximity Cards (Contactless)

Zebra Card Printers Using Proximity Cards (Contactless)

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There are certain Proximity Cards that are compatible with Zebra Card Printers.  

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Printers (P330i, P330m, P430i)


Zebra card printers can print on any Proximity card which is size CR-80 and the printable surface is PVC or Composite.

Zebra Card printers cannot print on "shell" type cards, which are typically thicker and do not have a flat PVC surface to print on.

You may need to experiment with your design layout, colors and intensity settings to get optimum results. Often the presence of the proximity electronics (IC chip and antenna element or coil) can be seen in the printing. This is due partly to thermal effects as the head passes over the elements, and more commonly to small variations in the surface flatness in the area of the encapsulated elements. You can often see the surface variations just by looking at an unprinted proximity card by letting light reflect off the card surface.

If you can place your design such that these areas are avoided, or avoid the use of light color or pastel shades in these areas, you will get the best results.

Note: Before purchasing a large volume of prox cards, it is highly recommended that you first obtain some samples and test with your printer. Some proximity cards have been found to have very poor print surfaces, causing poor print quality that cannot be overcome. Consult your card supplier for further details.

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