Zebra Enterprise Connector Crashes Upon Receiving a Job from Oracle EBS

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This solution is useful for: 

  • Sending XML Reports to ZEC for printout
  • Sending Oracle print requests through the Concurrent Manager for eBusiness Suite (EBS)


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Zebra Enterprise Connector 


Zebra Enterprise Connector (ZEC) is responsible for merging XML reports from an Oracle system with ZPL templates and sending the merged print jobs out to print.  While ZEC can be custom ordered to integrate with many Oracle setups, a common implementation involves using Oracle's Concurrent Manager to process print requests that are to be sent to ZEC.  During configuration of the concurrent program settings, it is necessary to specify the output format as XML.  Any other selection will result in an inappropriate file-format being sent to ZEC which is unintended use of the product:

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ZEC provides the end-user with several tools to help troubleshoot issues.  These tools include: 


  • XML log - this directory, by default located in /opt/zebra_ec/tmp, contains the XML reports as received by ZEC.  Files are placed in this directory after ZEC attempts to process them.  Checking the contents of this directory is an excellent method of confirming that proper XML reports are being generated by Oracle.  If you find that the reports in this directory are not solely XML reports, your Oracle setup may have to be reconfigured.
  • Syslog.txt - this file, by default located in the /opt/zebra_ec/logging directory, logs important ZEC activity such as shut downs and failed XML parse attempts.
  • ZPL log - this directory, by default located in /opt/zebra_ec/logging/zplLog, contains ZPL files created by the XML report and ZPL template merge.  These are the actual files that are sent to print.  You can examine these files to look for inconsistencies or mistakes in the ZPL.  You can modify the location of this directory, as well as disable ZPL logging, by modifying the zplloggingand zpllogdir parameters in settings.ini, located in the /opt/zebra_ec/bin directory.


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