Zebra Enterprise Connector is Licensed but Still Prints in Demo Mode

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Zebra Enterprise Connector Demo Mode

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Zebra Enterprise Connector (ZEC)


 This solution is useful for: 

  • Licensing ZEC
  • Running ZEC in Licensed Mode
  • Determining why a 'DEMO' watermark is printed to the label and why certain vowels are being transposed in a ZEC-printed label.


By default, Zebra Enterprise Connector (ZEC) installs in demo mode.  Labels printed in demo mode will have a 'DEMO' watermark placed on the label and certain vowels will be transposed.  When a proper license file is present in ZEC's  <Zebra_EC_Root>/bin directory, ZEC enters licensed mode and no longer leaves the watermark or transposes vowels.  To obtain a ZEC license, you must first generate a token file that is submitted with your ZEC purchase.  The token file must be generated on the application server from where ZEC will be run as the resulting license file will be tied to this application server and is intended for use only on that server.  The ZEC manual (available by search at www.zebra.com) goes into greater detail on how to generate a token and obtain a ZEC license from Zebra or your reseller so that you can run ZEC in licensed mode.

In the event that you have purchased a Zebra license and ZEC is still running in demo mode, there are a few things to check:

  1. Make sure that your license.lic file, delivered from Zebra or your reseller, resides in your <Zebra_EC_Root>/bin directory.
  2. Confirm that your token file was generated on the same server as the one you are currently running ZEC on.
  3. Make sure that your license.lic file has adequate permissions to be run by the user who started ZEC.  For troubleshooting, it is a good idea to assign open permissions to the license file as to eliminate the possibility of inappropriate permissions causing the problems.  In some cases, insufficient file permissions on the license file can cause ZEC to report that it is in licensed mode but still print in demo mode (with the 'DEMO' watermark and transposed vowels).



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