Zebra EPL Printer Fonts Conversion Information

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Font Information when using EPL compatible printers

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EPL2 Compatible Printers - 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53), 888 Series, GC Series, GK Series, GX Series, GT800, 2824 Plus Series, ZD500 Series, ZP Series, ZT200 Series, ZT400 Series, ZM Series, HC100, GK888 Series, GT888

Note:  The font loader utility is only available for Windows XP and earlier.

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The printer has 5 resident fonts as a standard feature. The printer can be factory ordered with optional Asian fonts. The font downloader utility can be used to convert and download true type fonts to the printers memory.

This information is useful for:

  • Understanding the various font features and options.;
  • Using EPL programming language to print fonts 
  • Using firmware downloader utility to convert true type fonts.


Zebra Printer, Programming language user guides, manuals, and other documentation are available on our website in .pdf format. EPL2 Programming Manual Read More>>


The Font Downloader has been designed to simplify the process converting True Type Fonts into soft fonts and downloading them into EPL2 based printers. Unfortunately, this is only available for Windows XP and earlier.

  • The user-friendly interface allows the user to take full control of each character in the font and load the printer's memory with only what is desired. The font options also help to increase the customization of the fonts and their characters.

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