Zebra Mobile Printer Series - Communicating to printer via Bluetooth connection

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Communicating to a Zebra printer via a Bluetooth connection

Applies To

Zebra Mobile Printers with Bluetooth Capability 


Bluetooth connection options:

  • Discoverable toggles ON or OFF. If discoverable is turned OFF, the printer will not be discovered by any other device. However, a device can be connected to the printer if the application developer knows the printers Bluetooth address. The printer's Bluetooth address can be found by printing a configuration label (2-key report). The "Friendly Name" is the name that a master device will see when the printer is discovered. By default, the friendly name is the printers serial number.
  • Bluetooth option offers authentication and offers three choices: OFF, SET PIN and GENERATED.


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Note: Zebra Bluetooth enabled mobile printers are 'slave' devices only. The printers will pair with any 'master' device that tries to make a valid connection. Since only a master device can initiate a connection, the printer does not store pairing data, that function is always done on the master device. The printer can only be connected to one master device at a time, but any number of master devices that have stored pairing information for the printer would be able to initiate a connection to the printer without having to rediscover it.