Zebra Printer LCD Display Password

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  • What is the Zebra Printer Password?
  • How can I change the password?
  • Defaulting the password

Applies To

Non-Link OS Zebra Printers with an LCD Display 


The LCD Menu allows a user to configure the printer based on the needs of the application. There are configurations that are password protected so they cannot be accidently changed. 


  • The default password is 1234. Defaulting the printer will return the password to the default value. Read More>>
  • The password can be changed or modified using the ZPL command "^KP".  Read More>>


Helpful Information

Using the LCD Display to enter the password for the following printers

Xi Series, 105SL,  and PAX: Read More>>

ZM/RZ Series:  Read More>>

S4M:  Read More>>