Zebra Printer Link-OS v3.0 now supports P12 formatted Certificates

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Link-OS v3.0 printers now support P12 certificate formats.

Applies To

Link-OS 3.0 Compatible Printers 

  • ZT200 Series using Firmware V72.19.13Z and later
  • ZT400 Series using Firmware V75.19.13Z and later
  • ZD500 Series using Firmware V74.19.13Z and later
  • QLn Series using Firmware V68.19.13Z and later
  • iMz Series using Firmware V73.19.13Z and later
  • ZQ500 Series using Firmware V76.19.13Z and later



With the release of Link-OS 3.0 select printers now support downloading PEM and DER formatted WLAN certificates in the P12 format for the TLS, TTLS and PEAP security types. Additionally, P12 formatted certificates are now supported for downloading private keys and client certificates. For more information, see the App Note “Direct WLAN Cert Downloading. Read More>>


Leo L