Zebra Printer PCMCIA memory card operation and information

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PCMCIA memory card option installation and usage

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    Installing and using the PCMCIA memory card option - B: memory

Symptoms addressed by this solution include 

    Printer configuration label does not show PCMCIA memory available

    Inability to store files on the PCMCIA card

    Files are getting erased from the card

    LCD display shows out of memory error


Applies To

Xi3+, 105SL printers with the PCMCIA Cards Option


    Installing the PCMCIA card and printing a configuration label details Read More>>

    In order to write to the PCMCIA card the write/protect switch needs to be set to the write position. To protect the contents from being erased set the switch to the protect position. The write/protect switch is located on the edge of the PCMCIA card. The end of a paper clip can be used to set it to the position needed. PCMCIA write/protect switch details Read More>>

    Initializing the PCMCIA card will erase the memory completely and set the available memory space to maximum available. If you have files that you do not want erased then do not initialize the card. To initialize the PCMCIA memory card make sure the write/protect switch is set to write and then proceed to initializing. Initializing the PCMCIA memory card Read More>>


Note: PCMCIA cards that have preloaded fonts on them from Zebra should never be initialized otherwise the stored font files will be lost. Keep the write/protect switch set to protect.


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