Zebra Printer Repair Options, Product Support, and Warranty Information

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This article details the options offered to Zebra Printer users for product repair and service. It also informs users of warranty information, product support, and repair status.

Applies To

  • All currently supported card and label printers



It is always recommended to contact your Zebra Reseller or Zebra Technical Support team first to determine if your printer needs service and/or has to be sent in to our Repair facility. If the printer requires service, your options are:

End Users 1. Contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) Read more>>

ZASPs are Zebra Partners who are trained and authorized to provide repair services for Zebra printers. You can send the printer to one of our ZASPs closer to your area. ZASPs may also have the option of providing on-site service so you won't have to ship your printer. Contact a ZASP or your reseller for on-site service details.

2. Send the printer to Zebra Repair Services (North America only)

To send a printer in to Zebra Repair Depot, you will need to first create a Repair Order (RO) form online. Read more>>

Submit the form and wait for an email response from the Repair Support team. They will provide warranty, pricing, turn-around time, and shipping information.

If a printer is already in Repair Services and you wish to check the status of the RO, please call Repair Support at 1 877 ASK-ZEBRA (877-275-9327) or email your request to repair@zebra.com.

IMPORTANT: Zebra Mobile printers in North America can ONLY be serviced by Zebra Repair Depot.


EMEA (European Africa and Middle East Repair Options)

In the 1st instance please contact your local Zebra Reseller for any Repair Services and agreements they may have in-place for a faster service:

End Users - Contact a Zebra Support, Repair Services Provider  Read More>>

Resellers and Zebra Service Providers only - Log into the Reseller Portal  Read More>>  


Asia Pacific Region Repair Options

End Users -

1. Contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) Read More>>

2. Alternative contacts for end users located in Australia, Japan and New Zealand: 

‐ Australia email: ZebraOneCare@zebra.com or call 1800 457 439

- Japan ‐ email: ZebraCareJP@zebra.com or call +81 50 3802 4244

- New Zealand email: ZebraOneCare@zebra.com or call 0800 448 472

Resellers and Zebra service providers (Zebra account holder only):

Contact our team at ZebraOneCare@zebra.com 


Warranty Status/Information and Product Support

Zebra provides technical support and service to currently supported models only.


Note: Even if a printer has been discontinued, Zebra may still provide service. Once a printer has been discontinued and no longer supported, only ZASPs may provide service, although this is not guaranteed.

Our website provides product warranty information and you can also check warranty status on your printer.

Hot Swap Program for Card Printers (U.S. Only) Read More>>

If your printer is sent to Zebra for repair and the printer is out of warranty, Zebra will not provide or rent out loaner printers. Loaners are available ONLY for printers covered under the initial Warranty (certain models only) or an Extended Warranty contract. For information regarding an Extended Warranty contact the Zebra Repair Customer Service at +1 (866) 230-9494.

Users Outside the U.S:

Visit the How to Buy section in our website to contact a Customer Service representative in your country for questions regarding any of the services described above. Read more>>

You can also find contact information in the Contact Us section. Read more>>