Zebra Printers are not PCL or Postscript file compatible

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Can a Zebra Printer work with a PCL or PostScript format?

Is there any way to print to a Zebra Printer using PCL or PostScript?

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Zebra Printers


There is no direct way to print PCL or Postscript output to a Zebra printer and you cannot convert PCL or PostScript to a Zebra compatible format.

This is due to a fundamental difference in the way the printers are designed to work.  In HP laser printers and other text printers, the data to be printed consists primarily of a serial string of data to be printed with specific control sequences which are inserted to modify the subsequent text.  Once the printer configuration is established, the printer will wrap text, generate page breaks and otherwise control the printing based on the current parameters that it has received.  It is essentially a sequential process.

Zebra printers are page mode printers.  That is, each data item to be printed must be individually defined and placed on the page.  A data object will have X and Y coordinates, followed by configuration parameters and then data source parameters.  Sequential data is not handled well if at all.


The best way to print a document or a file that you have printed on an HP or Postscript printer, is to go back to the original source document it and print it again in it's Windows application through a Zebra driver to the Zebra printer.  This will cause the driver to format the output for the printer and generate the Zebra Printer code necessary to print the document.bra printers