Zebra Printers Not Affected by Shellshock Bug

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Shellshock bug information

Applies To

All Zebra Printers


The following provides some initial guidance to Zebra customers on the potential impact of this issue:

Zebra printers run *nix OS (QNX) with the pdksh shell.  The Bash shell is not installed on Zebra printer products and Zebra printers are not affected by this vulnerability. 

Please note that this issue is under active analysis and, as such, Zebra customers should check back frequently to get the current status of our response.

Additional Information

Zebra Technologies Corporation (“Zebra”) is aware of recent vulnerability reports that impact “GNU Bash” and Zebra is actively investigating the potential impact of these issues on Zebra products.  The “Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (“CVE”)” system provides a reference-method for publicly known information-security vulnerabilities and exposures, and this “Shellshock” issue has been assigned the following CVE number and is also known as the “Shellshock” vulnerability:  Read More>>



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