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Zebra Setup Utilities -- Downloading Fonts to a Printer

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Downloading Fonts to a Printer using the Zebra Setup Utility

Applies To

Zebra Printers

Excludes: ZQ110, EM220, EM220II

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The Zebra Setup Utility can be used to convert and download fonts to be stored on a Zebra printer and recalled later when printing labels.  The functionality built into the Zebra Setup Utility is the same as Zebra Designer.  For full details on downloading fonts and graphics see the Zebra Designer Font and Graphics Download Guide. Read More>>


Note: Fonts are software governed by copyrights and require licensing. Check with your font provider for licensing details.

Open the Zebra Setup Utility, select your printer and choose - Download Fonts and Graphics:

User-added image

From the Memory Card Slot drop down list choose the memory device on the printer where you want to store the font.  The default is flash memory.

The other options are DRAM, Memory Card, & Compact Flash.  

User-added image

Next you will need to create a memory card configuration file.   Select New Icon:

User-added image

You now have the option to create a new file or choose an existing one from you local hard drive.  In this example I have create a new card file called arial10:

User-added image

Enter the description of the memory card (optional) select the proper card size.  The card size will depend on the font you are choosing and the number of characters.  You can choose from 256K - 131072K.

User-added image

Your font memory card will now be listed in the Memory Card File selection.  You can now select Font - New then choose to download all characters or selected characters:

User-added image

You can now choose your font and click Select:

User-added image

You will now see the Font Data, click OK:

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If you chose Selected Characters, you will see the Characters button in the bottom left corner.   You can choose selected characters or groups of characters, i.e.  All, Numeric, Alphanumeric,  Letters, 7 bit ASCII, Date, Time, Digits&Capitals.  In this example I choose Letters:

User-added image     User-added image   

You will now have the option to download the font to the printer:

User-added image

You will now be asked to review the License Agreement for the font.  If you Agree, the font will be downloaded to the selected printer.

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If you get the error, "There is not enough free space on memory card to download", you can go back to Card - Memory Card Information and increase the card size before attempting to download again..

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  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
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  • 220Xi4 Industrial Printer
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