ZebraDesigner Aligning Text, Barcode, and Label Elements

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Topic or Information

Using the alignment toolbar in the ZebraDesigner software to properly position and align label elements

Applies To

ZebraDesigner v2, ZebraDesigner Pro v2, ZebraDesigner for XML v2, ZebraDesigner for MySAP v2


This solution is useful for:

  • Using the Alignment tool bar
  • Lining up label elements
  • Aligning rows or columns of items on a label

This solution addresses the following problems:

  • Label information needs to be more attractively arranged
  • Multiple label elements need to be aligned.Alignment Toolbar

Using the Alignment Toolbar

To align objects on the label, do the following:

1. Select all objects to be aligned.

Note: The first object you select determines the alignment orientation for all selected objects.

2. Choose a select arrow in the Toolbox and draw a frame around all objects to select all objects.

3. In the Align toolbar on the right, click on the icon to arrange the objects. The selected objects are rearranged and positioned on the horizontal center on the label.

Note: There are also other alignment commands available in the Align Toolbar.

Note: You can also align the objects to the label grid. The option Snap to Grid is available in the View menu.

The following links provide videos for step by step use of the Allignment Toolbar in ZebraDesigner Version 1 and Version 2: 

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software Alignment Toolbar Use Video Tutorial  Read More>>

Note: The video tutorials are available on the Software Tutorials Tab at the lower section of the page.

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