ZebraDesigner for XML - Error In Processing ZPF and LVR Files

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Topic or Information

Error occurs when attempting to Export a label file from ZebraDesigner for XML

Applies To

ZebraDesigner for XML


Error in processing zpf and lvr files can occur if you attempt to use a different driver version than the version shipped or downloaded with the ZebraDesigner for XML software. This only applies to ZebraDesigner for XML version 1 and the v1.0.66 driver version. The issue can be resolved by moving to Version 2.

To ensure that you install the correct ZebraDesigner driver for Version 1 you can use the Add Printer option from ZebraDesigner for XML. Just choose Start / Programs / ZebraDesigner for XML and then Add Printer.

Version 2 supports all current Zebra printer models. If you are using Version 1 and your ZPL printer is not listed among the available printers, select a ZPL printer with the same dpi as your printer model.

In place of a:

ZM400 203 dpi select a Z4Mplus 203 dpi

ZM400 300 dpi select a Z4Mplus 300 dpi

ZM400 600 dpi select a 110XiIIIPlus 600 dpi

RZ400 203 dpi select a R110Xi 203 dpi 

RZ400 300 dpi select a R110Xi 300 dpi