ZebraDesigner Invalid Content for Bar Code error when attempting to create a QR Code

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How can I create a Chinese QR Code using ZebraDesigner Software? Korean 

Why do I get a Invalid Content error when creating a QR Barcode?

Encoding international characters in a QR Code

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Creating a barcode using ZebraDesigner.


If you encounter the Invalid Content error you will have to determine if your scanner used in the application supports a binary mode for the character set you wish to encode. QR Codes can store data as binary and within that data you can encode in whatever character set you require.  

 If, for example, you encode Chinese characters into a QR Code the reader must process it using the same character set it was encoded against. If this is done properly the characters can be recognized correctly.

Here is the error encountered when the customer entered the characters without using the Binary setting.

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Example: How to print a Chinese QR Code

1. Open the ZebraDesigner Bar Code Wizard and enter the characters you wish to encode. 

2. Click the Define button

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3. Check Print bar code as graphic

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4. Select Start mode as Binary, Data encoding as 936; Chinese Simplified… (or same as your entered characters) 

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5. Sample of the successful QR Code

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