ZebraDesigner Pro does not print last inch of label.

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Printer is not printing leading edge (first portion of label that feeds out when printing) of label or cuts off 1" of leading edge.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software

Cause or Overview

This is typically caused by the backfeed settings being turned off.  The backfeed is essential to lining up the first line of print on the label.


Turn "Back Feed" On

The ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro application defaults to "Backfeed" Default.  If this setting is turned off you may not see the first printed label pull back into the printer to set the label in the proper position for the first line of print.  Since typically labels are printed bottom edge first, this causes the last inch of the label to be blank.  The solution is to select one of the other backfeed settings such as "BackFeed Default", "BackFeed Before Printing" or "BackFeed After Printing".


This setting is made in the ZebraDesigner printer driver.  Select "Advanced", "Printing Defaults", "Advanced", "Advanced Options", "Other" and select the desired backfeed setting at the top of the window.