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 This solution is useful for using ZebraDesigner Pro version 2 to:

  • Increase throughput by downloading fonts to the printer
  • Increase the number of printer resident fonts


This solution addresses the following problems:

  • Slow printing
  • Adding fonts to printer memory


Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software


ZebraDesigner provides fast and reliable label printing to thermal printers using the ZebraDesigner printer drivers that are optimized Windows thermal printer drivers. ZebraDesigner printer drivers support printer hardware accessories like cutters and different label sensors, but also printer resident objects. Such objects are fonts and bar codes that are built into the printer.

Printers always print labels that use resident objects very quickly because the driver generates a print file with references to the objects already stored in the printer's firmware. The print file is short and can be transferred quickly to the printer.

When you print labels with graphic and non-resident objects, all unsupported objects are converted to pictures and sent to the printer as graphics. This approach ensures that the label is successfully printed on every printer. But the printout speed varies on different printers, depending on the number of objects that are recognized internally by the printer.

The solution for fast printing is available with the memory card manager Font Downloader that enables you to store Windows fonts (TrueType, OpenType, Type 1 and other) on the printer.

Fonts can be downloaded to the printer's internal memory or add-on memory cards. The number of objects that can be downloaded is limited only by the memory size.

Once the objects are stored in the printer, you do not have to send them to the printer again. The objects are recalled from the printer memory, ensuring fast response at print time. Other applications can also take advantage of the downloaded objects and print labels quickly.

The content of one memory card can be used on many labels.

The links below provide Tutorials for using the ZebraDesigner Version 2 Font and Graphics Downloader to increase print speed by allowing you to store Fonts or Graphics on a Zebra printer.

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