ZebraDesigner Pro V2 and EU Allergen Food Labeling Requirements

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ZebraDesigner Pro V2 does not support selectively bolding individual words in a field required by EU Allergen Food Labeling changes  

The new European Union (EU) Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC) has impacted food processors and how they approach allergen labeling.

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EU Food Labeling Requirements

ZebraDesigner Pro V2 Label software


New Food Allergen Labeling in the European Union requires allergens should be emphasized within the existing ingredients list, in bold type, or by other indications in the font, style, or background color.

Zebra Designer or Designer Pro does not have a feature that allows certain words or a mixture of bolded and non-bolded text in a single field. These bolded words would have to be individually created in their own field and placed manually. At this time there are no plans to add this type of custom bolding feature to the ZebraDesigner Software. 

For feature rich label design software which has this capability we recommend NiceLabel Software: Read More>>