ZebraDesigner Pro v2 Software -- Moving a License Key to another PC

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Moving a License Key to another PC

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Pro V2  (2.2.3 and later)
ZebraDesigner for MySAP
ZebraDesigner for XML


This solution should be used by customers with ZebraDesigner (Pro, mySAP, or XML ) Version 2. It is recommended for customers who are using a ZebraDesigner Pro 2.2.2 version, that you download and install the free update to version 2.2.3 prior to moving a license. Version 1 users will need to contact a reseller to update to version 2. 


The process for moving a ZebraDesigner License has changed considerably and can be completed on your own whether your license key was activated over the Internet or using a manual activation method.

The Export License function is a new alternative method that can be used to De-Activate and move a license on computers that are not connected to the Internet and hence cannot use the Internet De-Activate method.


We provide details on moving your License Key running a 2.2.3 version of ZebraDesigner software here  Read More>>