ZebraDesigner Software – Resolving License Key Activation Issues

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Resolving ZebraDesigner License Activation Issues

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Pro Version 2
ZebraDesigner for mySAP Business Suite 2
ZebraDesigner for XML v2


License Number and Installation ID


This solution applies to ZebraDesigner Pro, ZebraDesigner for XML, and ZebraDesigner for mySAP.  The following errors or issues could occur while attempting to activate a license for each of these ZebraDesigner software programs:

  • Customer does not have Internet Access
  • “Socket Error 1" or "Socket Error 2”
  • “Cannot Receive Activation Data”
  • "Unknown error # :-98"
  • "Unknown error -98" or any other "Unknown Error"
  • Proxy Server Issues
  • "Cannot access the web site.  You may be behind a fire wall."
  • "SOAP 1.2 fault: SOAP-ENV Sender..." or similar.  Likely a connection error due to the use of a Proxy Server.   NOTE:  SOAP is a protocol typically used over TCP, HTTP and therefore any SOAP error is usually caused by the inability to connect with the activation server. This would most likely be because of Proxy, Firewall or other network issue. It does not indicate there is a bug or problem in ZebraDesigner.

Note - for a "cannot access the web site" or other web access issues you will need to go directly to the license activation website 

Ensure that a firewall is not blocking access to this site.   Read More>>  

If you can access this site and activation still fails, you will need to proceed with the following. 


1. First ensure that you have installed the most current version of ZebraDesigner software.
ZebraDesigner  software has free of charge updates that are now posted and available for download from the Zebra website. 
Note: For any activation issues it is necessary that you first upgrade to version 2.2.3 or above. Updates for each of the ZebraDesigner software programs are available from the following links:
ZebraDesigner Pro v2   Read More>>
Zebra Designer for XML  Read More>>
ZebraDesigner for mySAP  Read More>>
It is also recommended that you remove and reinstall any existing ZebraDesigner drivers, if they are below version 2.6.67. Uninstalling the ZebraDesigner Driver  Read More>>
2. Install the driver that is built-in to the ZebraDesigner software or the most current driver available for download from www.zebra.com (driver version is built-in to the 2.5 versions of software).  
Updating your ZebraDesigner software can be accomplished by simply executing an install of the appropriate ZebraDesigner you have downloaded from the Zebra web site. Any existing version 2 software will automatically be removed and replaced by the new version with no affect to existing .lbl files. A separate patch file is no longer needed. If errors persist even after the upgrade is complete and the Help about screen of ZebraDesigner Pro (for example) shows:
User-added image
3. Proceed to the Manual Activation steps within the License Manager Help File.  Read More>>