ZebraDesigner Version 2.2.2 -- Moving a License Key to another PC (With Video)

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Moving a License Key to another PC

 -- Deactivating your current license for use on another PC using the License Manager Program

 -- Moving a license key from one PC to a different PC manually using the Zebra License Program

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software Version 2.2.2 (Does not apply to 2.2.3 and later)


It is highly recommended for any customers who are using ZebraDesigner… 2.2.2 software that you download and install the current version of ZebraDesigner software from www.zebra.com prior to moving a license.  This is a free upgrade for customers who have purchased version 2. The process for moving a ZebraDesigner license has improved considerably.

For instructions on moving the license key with version 2.2.3 and later   Read More>>


The instructions below should only be used by customers with a licensed version of ZebraDesigner Version 2.2.2 Build 2730.2728 software (See your Help > About screen for details of your version).


The video below will provide instructions on how to deactivate or move ZebraDesigner licenses. The text below the video also describes the process in detail.

User-added image Click here to view video ->  Deactivate Designer License


The easiest way to move a license between PC’s is to send the license back to the server (Internet De-Activate) and then re-activate on another PC. This method requires the use of the License Manager available from Start > Programs > Zebra Technologies > ZebraDesigner (Pro, for XML, or for mySAP) > License Manager.

Complete instructions for executing the move are displayed when the option is selected (see screen shot below).


User-added image Important: Do not select the Remove License Icon. This will destroy the licensing key rendering it unusable. The Remove License option is NOT associated with the process of moving a license from one PC to another

This method requires you to enter the License Number received via email and applies if you purchased your License Number from  www.zebra.com. If the software was purchased and shipped to you from your reseller, the key is on the inside cover within the clam shell case the CD shipped in.

User-added image

IMPORTANT NOTE - The Remove License option is NOT associated with the process of moving a license from one PC to another.

There is an alternative manual move method if for any reason you need a different way to move the key.


Manually Move a License

Each step must be executed from the specified PC using the instructions provided within the License Manager

First Step (from the Move a License screen below) 1.  Select media on NEW PC, Initialize it:

After completing the first step

The “License Manager” screen displays "Media successfully initialized" and the file "media_init.sys" (1k) is copied to the selected drive.

Note - existing files on the selected drive were not affected by "Initialize Media" 

User-added image

Second Step - 2.  Select media on ORIGINAL PC, Move to

After completing the second step

The License Manager screen displays "License moved to media" and the file "mediaXfr.dat" (1k) is copied to the selected drive.


User-added image

Third Step - 3.  Select media on NEW PC, Move from

After completing the third step

The License Manager screen displays "License moved to computer." Both the "media_init.sys" and "mediaXfr.dat" files are moved off of the selected drive to the PC.


User-added image


The software on the new PC becomes an activated version and will no longer show as Demo mode at startup.  

The PC the license was moved from will state “This is a DEMO version!” at software startup. 

Zebra does not recommend that licenses are repeatedly moved between PC’s.

If you need to deactivate the ZebraDesigner Software and need tech support assistance you will need to provide the following information: Read More>>