ZebraDesigner Version 2 Enhancements and Corrections

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Topic or Information

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Includes numerous changes and improvements compared to Version 1

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Software Packages


  1. New Web-based licensing system
  2. Discontinued Support for Windows 9X, Me and NT 4.0
  3. New Installer
  4. New Status Monitor included
  5. Ability to Install and Uninstall printers from within ZebraDesigner
  6. Simplified Rotation of Label Design screen (conveniently rotates the on-screen view without rotating the printed output)
  7. Supported added for Guidelines – drag a guideline from the ruler for field alignment
  8. Font and Graphic Downloader (previously only Font Downloader was available)
  9. Support for Norwegian
  10. Field justification now supported in EPL (export only)
  11. Use of offset feature for ZPL Real Time Clock now supported
  12. Option to print labels in Standard Mode, Store Label Template with settings or Store Label Template without settings mode
  13. Allow EPL linked fields to be exported.
  14. ‘Required field’ property for Keyboard input variables now supported
  15. Support for RFID Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
  16. Support for updated EPC Global Tag Data Standard (TDS)
  17. Support for RFID Tag Locking / Unlocking
  18. Navigation in the Print Preview. A ‘Previous’ button has been added
  19. No Limit for the Number of Installed Printer Drivers
  20. Copy Button in the Error Dialog Box (to Copy Error Messages to Clipboard)
  21. Support for Quick Creation of a New Empty Label – Ctrl-Shift N will create a blank label without running the Label Creation Wizard
  22. Updated Support for Maxicode Bar Code
  23. Improved WYSIWYG when Moving/Resizing Objects
  24. Support for MS Office 2007 File Formats (Note: If you do not have MS Office 2007 installed, you can download and install just the OLE DB driver separately (see Microsoft’s web site)
  25. Bar Code Update: Custom Ratios and Space Correction
  26. Updated GS1-128 Standard: New Application Identifiers (242) and (7003)
  27. Multiple Label Selection is Available in the File Open Dialog Box
  28. Support for Windows Vista Restart Manager
  29. Better Support for Handling of Missing Graphic Files.
  30. Graphics can be stored in the .lbl file.
  31. Decimal Point Font Size for Scalable fonts
  32. Support for Unicode Text files
  33. Support for 64-bit printer drivers
  34. Updated RFID tag support (Gen 2, Gen 1)
  35. Support for bar code Code128 Pharmacy
  36. Unicode support for Visual Basic Scripting