ZebraDesigner Version 2 Tips and Advice

ZebraDesigner Version 2 Tips and Advice

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ZebraDesigner & ZebraDesigner Pro Tips & Advice

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ZebraDesigner v2 and ZebraDesigner Pro v2 Software


1. When entering values for RSS composite bar codes, you need to provide the value for the linear and composite (2D) parts at the same time. Use the following syntax for entering values for RSS composite bar codes. The pipe character (|) is used to distinguish between the components.

Syntax: <linear part>|<composite part>
Example: 12345|description

2. By double clicking on the name of the printer in the status bar at the bottom of the design screen, the user can quickly gain access to the printer settings dialogs.

3. Design your label using internal fonts, bar codes and counters when you are going to use the “Export to Printer” function.

4. Objects can be arranged with respect to each other by selecting the objects and clicking the desired alignment button.

5. Objects can be arranged with respect to the label by holding the ctrl button when the user presses the alignment button

6. You can reset the User Interface for the program by running the “DefaultUI.exe” program in the /bin directory.

7. The Status Monitor regularly checks the printer for current status information. When the driver is being used over a network connection, this can have the effect of consuming connection ports that would otherwise be used for accepting print jobs at the printer. If the Status Monitor is in use and you are experiencing a delay in printing, try right clicking over the Status Monitor in the system tray (by the clock) and closing the Status Monitor.

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