ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise TTF Font Converting

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Topic or Information

TrueType font conversion

Applies To

ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise

Note: Does not apply to Legacy Mobile Printers but is compatible with Link OS capable QLn Series, ZQ500 Series, iMZ Series)

Excludes: EPL language printers 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53 Firmware Version), 888 DD/TT Series,


The ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise utility available from the Zebra website will allow users to easily convert TrueType fonts and send them to a file or a Zebra printer. 

The following link details the conversion process to be followed.  Read More>>

NoteUse of TrueType or other non-Zebra purchased fonts require licensing and is the responsibility of the user to acquire permission for use in the printer.