ZebraNet Print Server Time Out Checking

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This procedure details the ZebraNet Print Server Timeout setting and how to modify the default value

Applies To

Zebra Printers using the ZebraNet Print Server to connect to a network


There are a limited number of ports available for network communications and only one can be primary at a time. If there are situations where all ports are unavailable the additional network connections will be rejected. Normally the application will manually free the port when the job is completed but network management or security software may fail to do so leaving the port to self timeout to reopen. Shortening the timeout can help in these situations.  


The Time Out Checking setting can be altered from its default value of 300 seconds. It is not recommended that Time Out Checking be disabled unless your OS needs to keep the port open. If you are having problem where the port become unavailable for a period of time, try lowering the Timeout Value. Read More>>