ZebraNet Print Server - Install, Setup, Configure, and Troubleshoot on a Wired Network

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This procedure describes installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the ZebraNet Print Server installed in a Zebra Printer on a wired network. 

Applies to

  • Zebra Desktop and Tabletop printers using the wired external or internal print servers
  • Internal and External Print Server II
  • Internal and External 10/100 Print Server

To help you determine which print server your printer has Read More>>


  • ZebraNet Print Server II or ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server installed on or in the Zebra Printer
  • ZebraNet Bridge or Zebra Setup Utility


The ZebraNet Print Server can be purchased as an option or an accessory for the Zebra Printer to allow wired network connectivity. Before you can communicate with the printer on the network, the ZebraNet Print Server's TCP/IP settings need to be configured.   The default of the ZebraNet Print Server is to receive the settings from a DHCP Server.   If you need to assign the TCP/IP setting manually you can use ZebraNet Bridge or the Zebra Setup Utility. 

  • ZebraNet Bridge can be used to discover and assign the desired network settings. Read More>>
  • The Zebra Setup Utility has a network setup wizard that can be used to configure your printer for a wired or wireless network Read More>>


If you have configured your printer's network setting and still can't print from your network application try the following

  1. Verify the Print Server is connected and there are no errors indicated.
    - Print Server II  Status Indicators  Read More>>
     ZebraNet Print Server 10/100 Indicators Read More>>
  2. From a command prompt try pinging the IP Address. 
    - If you get a ping reply the printer is connected to the network. Troubleshoot the queue setup
    - If you don't get a reply, verify the network configurations IP, Subnet Mask, and Gateway. (try pinging from the local subnet to determine if the router is affecting your connection.
  3. You can also use FTP to test the network connection. Read More>>
    - Create a simple text file with ~WC in it and save it at a root directory location Example c:/test.txt
    - Open a command window and navigate to the root directory of your file
    - Type ftp xx.xx.xx.xx     (xx.xx.xx.xx is the printer ip address)
    - Press Enter and bypass the login prompt
    -  Type put (filename.ext) ...... the printer should print a configuration label

If you are able to get the printer to respond then you can be assured the printer is on the network. 

If the data LED is flashing (if your printer has a front panel data light) but nothing prints from your application, see Solution 7939 Read More>>

Helpful Information

User Manuals for the ZebraNet Print Servers

Status Indicators for the ZebraNet Print Servers

  • Internal and External Print Server II  Read More>>
  • Internal and External 10/100 Print Server  Read More>>

 ZT220 Only  - User's Guide Table - Meaning of Indicator Lights  Read More>>