ZM Series - Head Open Error Discussion

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Printer Display Head Open, Close Head 

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ZM Series Printers


The printer will display a head open error when the printhead latch has been opened and not returned to the closed position. Assure the printhead latch is fully closed and latched.

If the problem persists check the following.....There is a head open sensor consisting of a combination ribbon sensor and head open sensor located behind the print mechanism area. When the printhead is closed the sensor shines an infrared (invisible) light that is reflected by the chrome plate on the upper print mech assembly.

Make sure the ribbon when loaded is not blocking the Head Open Sensor opening. Also, clean any debris or contamination that may block the light path or obstruct the reflector plate. 

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If the above maintenance does not correct the problem you may need to review your service options.

+ Product Codes

  • Z Series Industrial Printers
  • ZM400
  • ZM600