ZM-Series LCD Display is distorted or appears corrupted

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LCD Display is distorted or appears corrupted. 

Applies To

ZM or RZ Series printers between S/N 08J131100679 to 08J135100514  using firmware versions earlier than V53.17.19Z

Cause or Overview

A small number of ZM-Series printers may experience an LCD Display problem usually at power up in cold environments. The printer is fully functional and will respond properly to print jobs or status requests. 

Here is an example of the problem you might see.

User-added image


The issue exhibits itself in a subset of printers in which the conditions for exhibiting are variable and the rate of occurrence not determinable.  While believed to have a very low incident level, the issue will most likely arise in the field therefore warranting this service bulletin. 


A timing issue was identified and corrected in firmware version V53.17.19Z. Updating the firmware corrects the problem. This firmware is available from the Zebra Website at Read More>>

Helpful information

Updating firmware on a Zebra Printer Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • ZM400
  • ZM600