ZM-Series Printer Cutter Information and Problem Solutions

ZM-Series Printer Cutter Information and Problem Solutions

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Cutter related problems and information related to the following issues

  • Failure to cut or not cutting when expected
  • Cutter jams
  • Does not cut all the way through
  • Not cutting at the gap


ZM Series Printers with cutter option installed 
See the Cutter Option Installation Instructions Read More>>

Problem and Resolutions

Problem Resolution
Cutter is not cutting 
  •  Assure the printer is set to PRINT MODE CUTTER  Read More>>
  •  Try cleaning the cutter
  • Printer may require Service



The cutter must complete the cut cycle within a specified time or the printer will display the CUTTER JAM error.  Check for debris or obstructions in the cutter path.



Does not cut completely through the media or labels



Not cutting at the intended gap
  •  If the cut location is inconsistent the printer may need to run calibration. Read More>>
  • If the cut location needs to be adjusted use the Tear Off adjustment to move the cut location. Read More>> 

The Tear-Off Position adjusts the cut location and is configured from the LCD Display. Press Feed after the adjustment and check the cut location. 

Note: Software or Drivers may have Tear-off configurations and will override the LCD values. Match the values in your Software/Driver if needed.





How it Works

 The printer prints a label and moves it to the cut position. The cut position will be the detected gap for Non-Continuous media (if Continuous media, the specified label length). The cut is performed and the label then retracts to position the leading edge of the next label under the printhead for the next print cycle. The cut cycle and backfeed take about 1 second to complete. If the printer does not detect the cutter returning to the home position within a specified time it will display a CUTTER JAM Error and require user intervention.

The printer must be configured for Cutter Mode to cut labels. There are several methods that may be used to set the printer to Cutter Mode and will depend on your application. 


The printer will cut after printing each label unless configured otherwise via the application or ZPL commands. There is limited batch control cutting via drivers/application software. Use of specific ZPL commands does allow for more dynamic cut control. 


+ Product Codes

  • Z Series Industrial Printers
  • ZM400
  • ZM600