ZM Series Printer Media Take-up Spindle Problems

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This Solution discusses the following issues:

  • Labels telescoping or winding unevenly
  • Rewind spindle not turning
  • Rewind Spindle Motor stops unexpectedly
  • Rewinder is not taking up labels
  • How do I turn on the Rewind Spindle

 Applies to

ZM Series printers using the Media or Peel take up spindle option. 


 Common Problems and Resolutions

Problem Resolution
Rewind spindle does not turn or start up
  • Verify the printer is configured for Print Mode = Rewind (or Peel). This can be configured from the LCD Display. If you are using a driver or application software assure the configurations match the printer setting.
  • Assure the media is properly loaded Read More>>



Rewind Spindle turns then stops working
  • Verify the label formats being sent do not have configuration commands that change the Print Mode. Read More>>
  •  Use a Set/Get/Do command_override to ignore the ^MM command Read More>> See ***Note Below



Rewound labels are not winding smoothly or are telescoping
  •  Adjust the alignment knob on the side of the printer. This is detailed at the end of this document link.  Read More>>




***Note: If the rewind spindle is functioning properly and then randomly stops check to see if there is a Print Mode configuration being sent that is changing the Print Mode to something other than Rewind or Peel Off.  For example, receiving a label format with a ^MMT will change the mode to Tear-Off and stop the spindle from functioning. Looking at the LCD Display when this occurs will show the Print Mode has been altered. The command_override Set/Get/Do command can be used to ignore the command if you can't correct the issue with the data source. Read More>>


Helpful Information

An optional Rewind Spindle is available for the ZM-Series printers and allows a user to rewind labels during printing operation. Labels can be wound directly on the Rewind Spindle or onto a 3” core. The Rewind Option is field installable Read More>>

Printers equipped with the Rewind or Peel Liner Take-Up Option and configured for Print Mode = Rewind or Peel Off will allow the Media Take-up spindle to power up and rotate to rewind the liner or labels. To prevent an unloaded Rewind Spindle from freely turning the printer will slowly cycle the take up spindle two turns to take up a small amount of slack before being fully powered. If it is determined that there is no resistance it will stop turning the spindle. The printer will not power up the spindle again until the printer is paused/unpaused or the printhead is opened and closed. 

Loading Path for Rewind Operation

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How it Works

The printer uses a motor drive circuit and motor to drive the Rewind Spindle. The motor is enabled when the PRINT MODE is set to REWIND OR PEEL since that is the only time a rewind function is expected. To assure there is media mounted on the Rewind Spindle the spindle rotation is monitored to prevent it from freely spinning. The motor will shut down if no resistance is detected to prevent damage or injury. It will attempt to operate again if the printer is paused and unpaused, the printer is power cycled, or if recovered from an error.


+ Product Codes

  • Z Series Industrial Printers
  • ZM400
  • ZM600